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​​Ace Environmental Consulting, Inc.
Phone: (716) 345-1756 Fax: (716) 771-1470

​​​Ace Environmental is a locally owned business that is new to Western New York. Our staff members have over 25 years of experience in the environmental consulting services. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that has been obtained throughout many years of service. With Ace Environmental, you can always expect Quality Assurance, this is our utmost priority to our clients. Ace Environmental provides service 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

Companies as well as residential dwellings sometimes need to be renovated and/or demolished. Prior to this work, owners, project managers, and homeowners need to be aware of what hazardous building materials they may have within their facility and/or residence. The federal government has put in place regulations that govern the removal and disposal of hazardous materials. 

​Ace Environmental has professional and experienced project managers who provide our clients with quality, reliable and accurate answers to their environmental regulatory questions. Our staff has been trained in OSHA Construction Safety and Health, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, along with New York State Code Rule 56. 

Ace Environmental will first discuss with the client what type of renovation or demolition work is desired. Once that has been determined a New York State Licensed Inspector shall perform a site inspection and take bulk samples of suspect building materials. These samples will be submitted to an independent laboratory for analysis. A written report will be submitted to the client along with the analysis of the sampling that was conducted. Ace Environmental can provide our clients with a detailed Scope Of Work for the remediation and disposal of the hazardous materials that will be removed. Our company can also assist with Third Party Air Monitoring or Project Monitor-Final Visual Inspections, which is mandated by federal and state regulations. All Ace Environmental employees hold dual New York State Licensed Project Monitor as well as Air Sampling licenses. Our company's motto is Due Diligence and Safety first.  Our client(s) can feel confident that all applicable federal and state regulations are being upheld.